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10th July - 6th August 2022

Staying at Marlborough

Marlborough College has outstanding boarding facilities in beautiful, rural and quintessentially English surroundings

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Marlborough College Summer School has always had an excellent reputation for hospitality, with our boarding houses set in beautiful locations in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

Staying at Marlborough


The Marlborough College campus is situated around an hour from London in the beautiful historic market town of Marlborough. The school is a short walk away from the town’s High Street where students can find all the amenities they might need, including clothes shops, cafés and supermarkets, in a safe and friendly setting.

The focal point of the school is ‘Court’, which is home to the Summer School office, dining hall, Chapel, some classrooms and several boarding houses set around an attractive lawn. The rest of the school is an extensive campus, with sports pitches, trout ponds, woodland, theatres and classrooms spreading out towards the beautiful Marlborough downs.

The campus is compact and largely self-contained, providing a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop their independence and manage their day safely and autonomously during their stay at Marlborough. 



The boarding houses used by Marlborough College Open Minds are both found a short walk away from the central campus. Each boarding house has its own garden, in addition to expansive outdoor spaces that include football pitches and tennis courts. The distance from the main campus and the rural setting allow students to form a strong sense of community, without having to walk far for their lessons.

We offer two possible accommodation options: an individual room or a shared room. If a student wishes to share a room during their stay at Marlborough, they will be paired up with another member of the course of the same gender who is no more than one year older or younger than them.

If a student is attending the course with a friend, we are happy to accommodate requests to share a room with their friend during their stay. However, it is important to remember that the opportunities for students to improve their English are greatly increased if they do not share a room with someone who speaks the same first language.

Our houses are modern and purpose-built or recently refurbished. All are fully equipped with kitchenettes, meeting areas and TV and games rooms. Many of the evening activities make use of the facilities in the boarding houses for talent shows, dancing or drama games in the common areas or wide games in the gardens.
The houses are set in peaceful grounds with gardens, small woodlands, tennis courts and 5-a-side football pitches. There is plenty of space for the students to burn off some energy or to simply relax and enjoy their surroundings in the English countryside.