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10th July - 6th August 2022

Open Minds: English

Exploring big ideas with additional language support.

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Open Minds: English

At Open Minds we believe that it is not necessary to master complicated language skills in order to discuss and explore complicated issues.

With the right scaffolding and language support, any topic can become accessible for students at all levels of their language learning journey. With this in mind, we have developed our Open Minds: English course.

OPEN MINDS: ENGLISH takes the same themes and philosophy of Open Minds and combines them with an integrated programme of language tuition and support, offering students the chance to challenge themselves creatively while continuing to develop their language skills.

Students will be split into classes according to their level of English, participating in three hours of communicative, student-centred classes that will provide students with the tools they need to develop and express their ideas on a series of thought-provoking topics, taking a creative approach to the exploration of current issues. 

The Open Minds: English course will see students study one module over two weeks, incorporating debate, creative exercises and performances while practicing language points in their real-world context. The topics and materials are carefully chosen to meet the joint aims of practising and developing the core language while offering rich and meaningful opportunities to develop critical thinking and coherent arguments, and to allow students to grow in confidence.

In the second week of each module, students will work on a COLLABORATIVE PROJECT with their classmates, in response to the ideas and the learning that has taken place in the previous week. 

To learn more about the modules for 2021, visit the Open Minds Modules page.