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10th July - 6th August 2022

Learn to Play Polo

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Learn to Play Polo

Tutors: OKL Polo & Equestrian 
Weeks: 1 and 4 

Course Details

Never played polo before? Learn to play in just 5 days at Cirencester Park Polo Club. The dynamic OKL Polo and Equestrian School invites you to saddle up and experience this exhilarating and addictive sport amid their 3000 acres of beautiful parkland. You will be taught to wield a polo mallet from the ground and to ride a polo pony. These will elements will then be combined in learning precision hitting, positional play and tactics. Newcomers to polo are welcome, however, applicants are required to have some previous riding experience. 

Please be aware that there will be an additional charge of £650.00 for students taking this course.

Course Notes

The following information is a guideline only to the activities that students may enjoy during the week. 


  • Introductions. Gather at the clubhouse and meet your coaches. Learn all about polo and its fascinating history including: rules, tactics, handicapping and the major players past and present. 
  • Enjoy a professional insight into stable management - including nutrition, tacking, plaiting and turn out. 
  • Wooden horse session. Learn how to hold your polo stick and practice your hand and eye coordination whilst stationary. 
  • Open space polo pony hack in and around the magnificent Cirencester Parkland.


  • Wooden horse session - practice shots and improve your balance
  • Handstick polo - learning the rules and plays on foot
  • Development of riding skills including: flat work, bareback riding, rising canter/half seat, diagonals and lead changes 


  • Cross country and bareback ride
  • Mounted stick and ball
  • Tactics, set plays and captaining


  • Tactics and set plays
  • Instructional Chukkas 


  • Instructional chukkas
  • Introduction tournament 
  • Prize-giving with completion certificate  

Please bring / wear: low-heeled boots, comfortable trousers, a waterproof jacket, sun screen, bottled water. If you do have your own riding hat, please bring it.