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10th July - 6th August 2022

Horse Riding: Beginners and Improvers

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Horse Riding: Beginners and Improvers

Tutors: Rein and Shine

Course Details

With a new challenge each day, you will learn more about the horse world and your pony for the week. This course is suitable for new riders and supports them in learning the basics as well as catering for more experienced riders who wish to have fun and further improve their technique. The tutors at Rein and Shine can offer mounted games, show jumping and riding on grass and will encourage you to become as independent as possible and build a bond with your pony.

Course Notes

Our course caters for new riders and supports them in learning the basic controls of horse riding, as well as more experienced riders who wish to have fun and improve their technique. Riders will be grouped according to their ability and will face a new challenge each day to build a relationship with their horse and become more independent.

Each day after the riding sessions, we will have a short break before moving on to Stable Management Topics which will include:

  • Tacking Up & Untacking - looking at how we prepare horses for riding, and improving tacking up techniques.
  • Tail Washing - looking at why we might wash tails, taking part in washing your pony's tail without getting too wet!
  • Grooming - introduction to grooming and understanding about types of brushes and what they are for, also working on improving our effectiveness at grooming.
  • Handling Skills - approaching a horse in a stable safely, putting on a head collar, leading and handling your horse safely from the ground.
  • Plaiting & Tail Bandages - improving our plaits and looking at why we might use tail bandages.

What you will need:

  • Riders cannot ride in shorts or skirts.
  • Head scarves, head bands, hair grips and pony tails will all need to come out as riding helmets need to sit firmly against the skull.
  • All Personal Protective Equipment is provided in terms of footwear and riding hats. If you have your own hat that is really helpful, but do be aware helmets bought outside of the UK may not be of current UK safety standard - if this is the case you will need to wear one of our own riding hats.
  • Gloves are recommended - we do not provide these but you can buy them on site.
  • It may be hot so sun cream is a good idea.
  • Headphones are not allowed to be worn.
  • Riding requires a level of fitness and for riders to keep hydrated, we have a shop on-site with cold drinks and snacks.
  • Body protectors are mandatory for show jumping; we carry a limited range of sizes which you can use.

Maximum clothed weight of 13st (82kg) (the centre will weigh all candidates)