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11th July - 7th August 2021


According to the current covid-19 roadmap, all UK restrictions on large events such as ours will be lifted in June, making us confident that our 2021 Open Minds course will go ahead as planned.

This is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines. As such, we will be as flexible as possible should your plans change and will be offering full refunds, including the deposit, on any cancellations up until 30 June 2021. We will also do our best to help students to meet any further travel restrictions that may be in place for those travelling from abroad.

Fencing for beginners

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Fencing for beginners

Tutors: Mr Alan Knowles

Weeks: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Course Details

Come and try your hand at fencing, one of the first sports to be played at the modern Olympics. In the age of chivalry, duelling was favoured as a method of settling matters of honour due to its grace and simplicity. These remain two of the most attractive aspects of the sport today. It's also very rewarding, developing all round fitness, flexibility of movement, stamina, mental agility, coordination, balance and self-confidence. Above all, it's great fun!

Course Notes

All students should bring training shoes, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt (optionally bring a second t-shirt to put on at the end). In addition you should bring a suitable drink and hand towel.


  • Introduction, health and safety, warm up, the en garde position, basic fencing steps, hitting and lunging, a parry and riposte, free play, warm down


  • Recap day 1, warm up, footwork, disengaging and circular/semi-circular parries plus free play and games followed by a warm down.


  • Recap day 2, warm up, footwork, compound attacks and successive parries, refereeing and rules of the game, free play and games, warm down


  • Recap day 3, warm up, footwork, counter attacks and beat attacks, Recap of course, free play and games, warm down.


  • Mini Competition for students with a poule round and direct eliminations.