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10th July - 6th August 2022

Fashion, Textiles and 3D Design

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Fashion, Textiles and 3D Design

Tutors: Laura Rothenburg
Weeks:  2 and 3

Course Details

What happens when you combine fashion with textiles? An explosion of colour and techniques. In this unique course, you will develop your own fashion design and use sewing machines and hand stitching skills to attach textile details. You will manipulate the fabrics into 3D form, using soft sculpting or piecing to bring your ideas to life. There will also be a chance to use piping, Italian quilting, patchwork, pleating and more to create a fashion piece ready for the catwalk.


Course Notes

This course offers a student the insight into the world of fashion, a starting point to creating a portfolio of ideas and designs to enhance entry to an Art School if one desires.

The ever-changing world of classic to outrageous designs in 'Ready to Wear' fashion from the runways of New York, Tokyo, Moscow and London have an exuberant range of designers. Such as Noa Raviv, Babette Sperling, Laura Baruel, Iris Van Herpen and so many more creating extreme but amazing 3D designs for fashion.

Students will learn to adapt a range of textile techniques and 3D form by manipulation of fabric into a structural form, the student will apply the methods to their final idea thus creating an amazing fashion garment unique and original in their style.

All materials will be provided for exploration.

Depending on time and skills of students there maybe added resources such as colour, however most designs will be made with natural calico fabric.


  • Introduction of course, what will be learnt
  • Learning to use a sewing machine
  • Starting to develop samples of textiles
  • Techniques: Piping, Italian Quilting, Crazy Patchwork


  • Complete samples
  • Techniques: Original Patchwork, Pleating, Suffolk Puffs
  • Fashion Video on designers
  • Power point on fashion ideas
  • Create a mood board on samples and style of garment
  • Discussion on how to adapt samples into a fashion item


  • Learn to drape fabric onto mannequin
  • Designing Ideas into reality
  • Cutting out and manipulating the fabric into design


  • Sewing all parts of fabric together
  • Making alterations


  • Continue sewing fashion idea to completion
  • Constructed feedback on project
  • Photoshoot in grounds of Marlborough College