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11th July - 7th August 2021


According to the current covid-19 roadmap, all UK restrictions on large events such as ours will be lifted in June, making us confident that our 2021 Open Minds course will go ahead as planned.

This is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines. As such, we will be as flexible as possible should your plans change and will be offering full refunds, including the deposit, on any cancellations up until 30 June 2021. We will also do our best to help students to meet any further travel restrictions that may be in place for those travelling from abroad.

Dungeons and Dragons

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Dungeons and Dragons

Tutor: Samuel Cheung

Course Details

Learning through play, especially with Dungeons and Dragons and Tabletop Roleplaying Games, is becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful tool in education, therapy and learning social skills. In this course, we will be working through elements of storytelling, worldbuilding, critical thinking, problem solving and tactical play, with structured games with analysis and feedback. 


Course Notes


  • Character building. 

This will involve elements of psychology. 


  • Worldbuilding (Countries and Towns)

This will involve elements of geography, economics, politics and history. 


  • Tactical Play 1

This will involve thinking strategically, with elements of critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. 


Course Tutor 

Samuel Cheung

Sam has a Mathematics degree from Imperial College, London. He has taught at Wellington College, Latymer Upper School and is now at Marlborough College, Malaysia. He has been teaching for over 20 year, but also been playing and running Dungeons and Dragons and Tabletop Roleplaying Games for over 30 years. He is known online as the Educational DM, and has been writing articles about how D&D is a great educational tool and how you can proactively encourage the educational aspects of the game. He has also been working with other educators, psychologists and parents to actively promote this side of the games for the last few years.