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10th July - 6th August 2022

Crime Scene Detectives

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Crime Scene Detectives

Tutor: Steve Gaskin
Weeks: 2 & 3 

Course Details

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a real detective? What does it take? Could you investigate a crime? This course offers you an opportunity to find out as you spend a whole week immersed in hands-on forensic investigation. It will take you on a unique and interactive journey delivered by a former Scotland Yard detective in a fun and engaging way. As well as discovering how to take and dust for fingerprints, photofits and footprints, you will become an expert in blood spatters and ballistics and even acquire special detective lock picking skills! This exciting week will conclude with a full-blown crime scene investigation.


Course Notes


·Introduction to Crime and Forensics

  • Thinking like a Crime Scene Investigator
  • Detective observation skills and FBI photofits
  • Searching a crime scene and the use of virtual reality (VR)


Fingerprinting & Microscopes

  • Taking your own fingerprints
  • Lifting fingerprints from different surfaces
  • Work out suspect from different fingerprints
  • See where fingerprints have been used in major cases.
  • Use state of the art digital microscopes to detect microscopic evidence


Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis & Ballistic Evidence

  • Recreate blood spatters found at a crime scene using fake blood
  • Work out what types of weapons use from blood spatters
  • Case reconstruction and looking at famous cases
  • Work out where a "shooter” was standing
  • How angles are used to assist at crime scenes


Footprints, tyres and lock picking

  • Examining foot and tyre prints
  • Making casts
  • Practical use of casts in evidence, identifying people and vehicles
  • Appreciate the technology of different locks
  • Attempt to pick and open a variety of different locks


Full Crime Scene Investigation

  • Using all elements of the course carry out a full murder investigation.
  • Course summary and conclusions


Course Tutors

Steve Gaskin

Steve had the privilege of being a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police for 25 years. He has investigated all kinds of serious crime including murder, terrorism, serious drug trafficking and lots of other crimes.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Police and Criminological studies. He holds a degree in forensic psychology and policing.

Steve holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and is a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

He is also an advisor to the BBC crime drama Silent Witness. In addition, he enjoys being a visiting lecturer at City University in Central London. 

Kate Gaskin

Kate was a Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police for 22 years. She has investigated all kinds of serious crime.

During her service she was involved in large pan-London projects ranging from reviewing the integrity of evidence, evidence gathering in public order situations and child protection and immigration matters.
Kate was responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of many different police training courses

She is an experienced trainer in all aspects of team building, leadership and management.