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11th July - 7th August 2021


According to the current covid-19 roadmap, all UK restrictions on large events such as ours will be lifted in June, making us confident that our 2021 Open Minds course will go ahead as planned.

This is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines. As such, we will be as flexible as possible should your plans change and will be offering full refunds, including the deposit, on any cancellations up until 30 June 2021. We will also do our best to help students to meet any further travel restrictions that may be in place for those travelling from abroad.

Skills for Theatre and Performance

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Skills for Theatre and Performance

Tutors: Kate Pasco and Lerato Islam
Weeks: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Course Details

This course is a fun and playful introduction to diverse elements of performance and exploring your own creative ideas through new techniques and expressive skills. You will learn and play with improvisation, stage combat, movement and dance, text based work, comedy and using your voice and breath, depending on your group's needs and aspirations. Become confident on stage and performing as you acquire tools for physical performance, be playful with your movement and feel safe to develop your own ideas. You will work in a small group to devise performances and develop your ensemble skills in a silly and joyful environment!

Course Notes

We will do lots of games, activities and exercises which will help you find your confidence in performing, and translating ideas. You will learn new skills which you can use for creating work and will also help you to be confident on stage.

You will learn put ideas together with others in a group and devise a piece of performance art.

You might look at: Improvisation, voice projection, body language, movement and expression of mood, stage combat, movement and dance, text-based work, comedy and using your voice and breath. If the group wants to develop certain skills or enjoys certain exercises, we will take these further.

You will share short performance and learn how to give and receive feedback and then improve or adapt your work. You will work with others from all over the world and you will develop your ensemble skills and have a lot of fun.

All materials will be provided for you, but feel free to bring anything you would like to work on. Please wear comfortable and clothing and come with an open mind!

(The following agenda is flexible and includes time for students to take their own ideas forward)


  • Introduction to drama - learn key drama terms
  • Ice breakers - learn names
  • Start getting used to creating scenes and get confident working together


  • Voice and projection - learn vocal warm-ups and practice projection
  • Mime


  • Character building - Learn to embody characters and personality traits
  • Devising techniques - discuss how to put different ideas together and devise short scenes


  • Movement, physical theatre, stage combat
  • Become confident with new skills and techniques


  • Put together one piece or a number of small pieces for sharing with the group
  • Developing work, critical feedback and sharing work with an audience