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10th July - 6th August 2022

Module Four: Nature and Non-Human Perspectives

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Module Four: Nature and Non-Human Perspectives


"The world in which the kestrel moves, the world that it sees, is, and always will be, enitrely beyond us. That there are such worlds all around us is an essential feature of our world"

Mary Midgely, Beast and Man: The Roots of Human Nature












Think of the frequency of the hummingbird's wings or the slight tremors of moving tectonic plates, undetectable to us as we go about our lives. 

Think of the lifespan of the rocks we build our houses from, the journey of a comet or the audio-visual world of bats.

These many worlds are layered upon one another to make up one reality. This week we will be thinking about the realities of the plants, animals and objects around us. We will explore the gap between how we see the world and how the world is and speculate about our potential to escape from our anthropocentrism.

Can we imagine a non-human subjectivity? Is it even possible? What might we gain from trying, if anything at all? 

Here is a short introductory video with some information about the module: