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10th July - 6th August 2022

Module Eight: Photographing Time

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Module Eight: Photographing Time










This module builds on the materials that we looked at in module three. You can look over the content covered in module three here.

Where the previous modules had a theoretical focus, this one is much more practical. The aim of the week is to create a photo project of ten photos, or a short film, on a theme of your choosing. It is an opportunity for you to show us how you see the world.

Along the way you will be looking at some instructional videos to help you with some different aspects of your photography. You should, however, start creating your project immediately, the tasks will help you to improve your photography as you go. 

Although this is a practical module, the most successful projects will include elements of the theoretical content from module three. Namely, the notion of taking images that tell a story, images that are about something, rather than of something, and allow the viewer to place their own lived experience into the context of the images. 

Remember the difference between a photograph of one of your memories and a photograph about the notion of memory itself.