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11th July - 7th August 2021


According to the current covid-19 roadmap, all UK restrictions on large events such as ours will be lifted in June, making us confident that our 2021 Open Minds course will go ahead as planned.

This is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines. As such, we will be as flexible as possible should your plans change and will be offering full refunds, including the deposit, on any cancellations up until 30 June 2021. We will also do our best to help students to meet any further travel restrictions that may be in place for those travelling from abroad.

Online Summer Course

Note this is only a guide, not a guarantee.

Online Summer Course

Many thanks to all those who were a part of our very first Open Minds Online summer course.

It has been wonderful to have an opportunity to get together over Zoom and hear so many interesting contributions around such a range of topics and to continue to bring together members of our Marlborough College Open Minds community.

Our summer course was made up of eight weekly modules and ran from 1st June 2020 - 31st July 2020, with a week-long break at the end of June.


The weekly modules provided materials, prompts and inspiration for students to work on at home before joining a group discussion at the end of the week.  

Please find a list of the available modules in the table below. Click on the tabs to the left to learn more about each module.  

Module One

(1st June - 5th June)


Module Two

(8th June - 12th June)

Sensory Maps

Module Three

(15th June - 21st June)

Photographing Time

Module Four 

(22nd June - 26th June)

Nature and Non-Human Perspectives  

Module Five

(6th July - 10th July)

Curating Stories

Module Six 

(13th July - 17th July)


Module Seven

(20th July - 24th July)

Being Human in the Machine Age

Module Eight

(27th July - 31st July)

Photographing Time






















You can also watch the introductory videos for all our modules here: 










Please be aware that a password is required to access the module materials. If you did not participate in the course but would like to explore the modules in more detail, please contact to request the passwords.