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10th July - 6th August 2022

What to bring

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What to bring

When packing to come to Marlborough please remember that you will be doing a huge array of different activities, some of which may well be spontaneous activities responding to a chance moment of excitement. A swim in a cool river on a sunny day, for example. Alternatively, you could end up at the theatre or a live music event unexpectedly. Any items of clothing or props you would like to bring for dressing up may also come in useful! Expect the unexpected!

Students are also likely to take part in either day or weekend long excursions away from the Marlborough Campus. For these trips it is important that students have a small backpack or day bag. Students should also take into account the fact that they will not have their mobile phone; an alarm clock is essential, and students that enjoy taking photos or listening to music should consider bringing a digital camera or an mp3 player. 

Below is a suggested list of items to pack. Items in bold are often forgotten and are particularly important.

Trainers -AT LEAST 2 pairs,

one old pair to get wet and muddy

Two sets of old clothes for mud, river, campfire etc Tracksuit bottoms
Waterproof Jacket Jeans/Trousers
Warm Coat/ Fleece A warm hat
Alarm Clock Beach Towels

Small Backpack for day trips

T-Shirts Any prescription medication
Sandals/ Flip-flops Swimming Costume
Jumpers/Sweatshirts UK adapter for hairdryer, phone and electronic devices
Underwear & Socks Sun Cream
Swimming goggles Toiletries
A Power Bank (for charging phones). Smarter Clothing for cultural events