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10th July - 6th August 2022

Rules on campus

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Rules on campus

Like every school, Marlborough College Open Minds has to have some rules. These exist to make sure that students are safe and accounted for, and to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of being here. These rules apply equally to all Students regardless of differences in ethnic background, culture, language, religion, gender, ability or disability.

All members of the College community, then, are expected to treat others as they hope to be treated themselves in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Individuals have the right to expect any member of the Open Minds or Summer School staff to listen and to deal with a problem promptly and sensitively.
If any Student has a grievance, please speak to any member of staff in complete confidence.

As a condition of membership of the Marlborough College Open Minds, Students are required:

To treat all others with respect and courtesy.
To take due care of all buildings and property, including personal possessions.
To fulfil all Open Minds commitments punctually and positively.
To abide by the laws of the land.

General Bounds and Visiting

Overnight (10.45 pm Saturday to 6.45 am Sunday; 10 pm - 6.45 am other days): Students are confined to their boarding house.
No boy may wander around the girls’ area of Littlefield House, and girls may not wander around the boys’ area in Cotton House.
The Course Director’s permission is required should a student wish to leave the College for any reason.
Mobile phones will be allowed for a maximum of one hour per day. Contact with your child will always be possible through the Course Director.