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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The years of a young person’s life from the ages of 12 to 17 are a time of great change and development. Open Minds is designed to help students to navigate this exciting and sometimes challenging period of their lives in a way that is positive and enriching.

Our mission is to deliver a programme that:

  • Offers students an environment and a course syllabus that helps to foster a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in connection with the learning process, creating a love of learning that will extend beyond the weeks of the summer course.
  • Allows students to see themselves in a wider world context and consider the importance of different perspectives.
  • Encourages a creative and adventurous approach to life and learning, providing a supportive environment in which students feel empowered to explore the benefits of creative risk-taking.

These aims are achieved through the careful development of a programme of morning tuition and extracurricular activities that complement one another and offer a chance for students to challenge themselves intellectually and creatively.

The Open Minds team are happy to incorporate students’ interests wherever possible and the programme is designed to be flexible so that the staff can consider the individual needs of the students as well as the group.

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